Did I lose my leech cards?

I tried to check out my solution but I could not it. I have a lot of leeches, but I don’t know how find them. I saw option but I didn’t find out :pensive: help me. I use anki Droid and I do synchronization with anki web.

You can find your leech cards in the browser, tagged as “leech”

Where can I find them?

I thought you were using Ankidroid. You can see them in Ankidroid or in Anki desktop. Ankiweb is mainly for synchronizing your cards or for review online when you don’t have access to your home computer,

Yes you’re right, but I don’t know where I also find them in anki Droid :sob:

Card Browser > Filter by tag > Leech

:star_struck: Just One question… I can filter by colors… Might I choose red colour?

Ok I found them, now, if I remove leech tag, tomorrow will I be able to study them?

Please, read this:


I appreciate your help so much :pray::pray::pray:

You’re welcome, I hope you’ve solved your problem!

Yes, I solved it :star_struck::pray: