Development help wanted

If you’d like to contribute to Anki’s source code, some ideas on outstanding issues are available here:

AnkiDroid also has a big list of issues if Android development is more your thing (link updated):


Thanks @dae!!

Just to note for anyone getting started on the AnkiDroid side:

Our initial getting started guide is:

We’re also on Discord #dev-ankidroid, feel free to drop by and say hi.


Have you seen this? Perhaps this could be a way to find the sweet spot between a proper issue tracker and Discourse?

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I believe that’s more about reviewing patches that tracking issues?


Wow, I totally glossed over the fact that it has nothing to do with issues. :man_facepalming: I think I just assumed that if they implemented this crazy workflow with two-way sync between GitHub and Discourse that it would apply to issues as well.

Looks like Discourse disables GitHub issues on their repo as well. :+1:

I just realized an interesting potential upside to disabling GitHub issues and requiring a Discourse account to submit an issue - it makes it more difficult for people to report issues, which could be a good think, e.g., it could filter out some amount of low quality issue reporting. If they don’t have time to create a Discourse account, they may be the issue wasn’t that important after all?

The main reason I moved Anki away from a public issue tracker is because the majority of reports were not actually bugs, but support questions - they cluttered up the issue tracker, and manually closing them was a pain.