Could you please provide a learning roadmap to contribute to Anki codebase?

Hi @dae,

I am a 7+ year Ruby backend developer (github). I have been using Anki for more than 5 years and have tons of flashcards.

Really love it.

I would like to read and learn the source code of Anki. Hope one day I could be a contributor to this project.

Could you please provide a roadmap to learn the source code of Anki?


  • which books should I read first?
  • which tools should I learn?
  • Is there a developer group to join?
  • what’s your roadmap for Anki?
  • Are there some small bugs for the new developer to fix?

There are some basic docs in the docs/ folder, and in the add-on writing guide. I’d start with those, then explore the codebase, and research areas that interest you. Aside from the help-wanted site, bugs and issues with the documentation get reported on these forums, so if you follow along and see something you can handle/are interested in, PRs would be appreciated.


Could you please post the discord server link again(it is dead already)? I would love like to be there too.

Looking forward to contribute to this project :slight_smile:

Here you go:

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