Developing the `anki` crate

I was happy to see that the anki Rust crate has been claimed by the project. Is there any interest in providing Rust APIs for Anki’s formats? It’d be great to be able to use the same code for writing Anki utilities.

If there is, how would you like to approach contributions? I could create a PR proposing a MVP API to get things rolling.

I brought this up in the #dev-general Discord channel, and the primary blockers are the git dependencies of the current implementation.

The changes made in the forks both seem minor, and could hopefully be upstreamed.

  • [ ] projectfluent/fluent-rs#189
  • [ ] rust-coarsetime/issues#13

I can’t link them with a new account, but those are GitHub issues

Publishing on is a possibility in the future, but the code is incomplete and under flux at the moment, and not yet intended for outside consumption.

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