A Thank You + Newcomer Contributions to the Manual?

Hi there,

I’m a user of Anki and absolutely love the tool for language learning! I wanted to come here to personally thank all the authors (especially @dae :blush:) since Anki has completely changed the way I study. I started off using Anki just for learning languages, but now I’ve expanded to making decks of my own to help with memorizing command-line and VS Code shortcuts too!

I’m also a new developer and looking to learn more and start contributing to open source so I thought Anki could be a good fit.

I read through the Contributing Guildelines and want to start with something small. I thought I could start by improving more of the manual.

Looking a bit further, I saw there is already an issue open to “update manual to reflect changes in 2.1 scheduler”. Is this a suitable ticket for a newcomer (and new developer :woman_technologist:t2:) to start with contributing to Anki or is there something better or more urgent to work on? Along these lines, are there any other specific sections or topics that could use some extra work in the manual?

Thank you! Looking forward to getting started :blush:


Thank you for the kind words and offer of help! As of Anki 2.1.41, users are prompted to update to the 2.1 scheduler on startup, so ensuring the changes covered on The Anki 2.1 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions are described in the manual would be appreciated - what springs to mind in particular are the number of buttons when learning, and the way things like learning cards are treated in filtered decks.

If you find yourself wanting to work on other things as well, a bunch of functionality covered in the change notes has not been integrated into the manual either. And any wording improvements/expanding where things are not clear would of course be appreciated too!

Thanks for the suggestions, @dae! Those areas seem interesting. To keep things in one place, I’m replying to you on update manual to reflect changes in 2.1 scheduler · Issue #1073 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

To get started, I’ve already done a first small pull request about one of the changes from the scheduler: