Desktop animations for attention retention

This is just me yelling into the void about an addon that could exist lol.

I’m a long term user of anki for a lot of information (medicine) and have to concentrate on a lot of not-so-pretty cards for long periods of time.
I notice my attention drifting after a while. I think that an idea to make the process more engaging would be animations on different actions.
I’ve found a lot of use in the sound effects on action (especially answer) addons.
I think that the animations could occur when:

*Answering (e.g. a colour change/particle effect?)
*Highlighting text (I do it to read better, but could be more visual). I’m aware anking makes an addon to make reading easier but it isn’t quite what I’m envisioning.
*Streaks of answers (like anki killstreaks but more like rhythm games do note-streaks - some kind of visual bar marking how well you’re doing, with increasing intensity of screen effects. Not necessarily fire)

That’s about it for now, I don’t expect any of this to ever exist, but wanted to get it out of my head.
Happy reviews everyone!

Did you try add-ons such as Audiovisual Feedback?