Add-on for reviewing card at intervals

Hi there! Is there any add-on that can remind me to learn my cards with pop-up windows over the other windows? For instance, while I’m surfing the web, anki shows a small window with a word somewhere in the corner of the screen, so I don’t even need to open anki. A simple example could be any notifications in your browser in the right corner of the screen.
It relates to spaced repetition or something, but anki do it automatically for a user.

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Most likely this should be that (python/QT) is connected to the notification system for MacOSX or Windows.

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Linux desktop also has notifications.

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I created an add-on similar to it a while ago. This is still in development, so I haven’t uploaded it to AnkiWeb, but I did test it before by posting it on Reddit, so you can get it from my GoogleDrive.

[ Add-on : Anki Pop-up ]

  • After reviewing 10 cards, it auto-hides Anki and shows it after 3 minutes.
  • A timer will appear during the break, you can stop the timer by right-clicking on it.
  • Press “Hide Now” on the menu bar to start the timer counting now.

[ Download ]

Didn’t understand how it works, tbh. Any manual?
What am i supposed to do? I installed it, reviewed 10 cards and nothing actually happened

My bad. Found the problem.
Cool, that is almost what i needed! I guess, it would be better if you added timer settings. Like making custom intervals (show cards every 2/3/5/10/15,30 mins etc) and random intervals (so you don’t know when it will pop up again). And choosing the quantity of cards to review (1/3/10/14 cards at a time). Just thoughts.

Also, are you ok if I send this add-on to my friends? Cool ideas are to share, you know

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Sure, I uploaded it to AnkiWeb👍

Development of timer enhancements is also in my future plans.

The reason for developing this add-on counting feature to be used as the core of a prototype game add-ons I am creating in Patreon.(For example, changing the game effects and BGM when 10 cards are review, or interact with the progress bar.)

So I am enhancing it little by little as I update the add-on.(It’s important because if this feature breaks, the whole thing stops working.)

If you like it, please rate this on AnkiWeb, it will be a priority for development.

Tag me when the timer will be ready hahah

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