Deleting add-on branch

Hi Damien,
I have a branch of an add-on that I would like to delete, and I wonder how to do that, as there is no button on the shared upload page. I tried leaving the min/max version fields of the to-be-deleted branch empty, but it won’t let me post the form then.

Edit: To be more precise:
Branch A: 2.1.20 - 2.1.21 (this is the one I want to delete)
Branch B: 2.1.22 - 2.1.36 (keep that one)

I tried to edit A by replacing the “-21” in the second field by “36” and the “20” in the first by “22”, then uploading the addon on A. This doesn’t work, it says “Previous branch does not specify a maximum version”

Branches can’t be deleted at the moment I’m afraid.

That’s a bummer. I now have set branch A down to some very old version (2.1.1) and simply hope that no one uses that anymore.
Thanks for the fast reply :slight_smile: