Add-on update dialog

When I add a branch, some version numbers are automatically prefixed a 0. Are the leading 0’s necessary for the branch system to work?

Also, when I switch the dorpdown back to branch 1 after uploading the file for branch 2, the file selection input still shows branch 2’s file:

So I’m fairly certain that only one file is being uploaded. I tested this by manually downloading, which should be the file for branch 1, but I got the file for branch 2.

It’s been a while since I did those kind of things with html, but I think uploading multiple files requires one <input type="file"> for each file.

It’s only possible to upload one file at a time, so you must save before selecting a different branch.

I can’t seem to reproduce the 0-prefixes - if I enter 2.1.55, it remains that way, and if I enter 02.01.55 and save, it’s converted to 2.1.55.

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