Deleted unused media is not being deleted from anki web

I deleted my unused media from anki and then started a sync but instead of the unused media getting deleted from ankiweb, it gets downloaded back to anki, I then tried to force the sync in one direction and still the same thing happened. Even changed a note type to force a sync, same thing.

Then I deleted my ankiweb account, made a new one. Then forced sync in one direction to ankiweb, so the ankiweb collection would not have any unused media. Then on ankidroid I logged in with that account, the option to choose which collection you want comes up, I chose ankiweb but instead of the unused media getting deleted from ankidroid it gets uploaded to ankiweb instead. Then back to PC forcing the sync in one direction results in unused (from ankidroid that was supposed to be replaced) media being downloaded. I’m using the latest beta releases of both anki 2.1.65 and ankidroid 2.16.0beta5 respectively

I have updated the manual to cover these points.

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