Delaying conditionally blank cards

I have deck with four card types. Two of them require me to either recognize or produce the sound of a Dutch word. But I haven’t got audio files for some words, so I have conditionals to make both sides blank if the audio field is missing. But I’m still getting offered “the front of this card is blank.” How can I make these cards automatically be deferred until that field is populated?

Run Tools>Empty Decks to delete those cards.

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I don’t want to delete them. I merely want them to be delayed until the audio file is created.

Once you will the field the card will be automatically generated. If for some reason you really want to create empty cards then you can suspend them keep them suspended until you fill the field.

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You probably do. When you add the audio fields, Anki will create them again.

OK, they’re deleted. I hope automatically coming back works.

No need to hope, this is something you can trivially test by adding text to the field and seeing what happens.

It’s not that “trivial“ of a test, because if it doesn’t work, the cards are already gone. Anyway, removing blank cards did not work. They are still there, i.e., not removed.

When trying out new things, it is always a good idea to make a backup of your collection by exporting first. If anything goes wrong, you can then revert to the previous state.

You appear to be using negated conditions in your card templates, which will only work properly in the latest beta versions.

Edit: by the looks of it, you have used ^Field when I think you wanted to use #Field

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I think that is true. Perhaps I misunderstood some earlier version of the doc.