The front of this card is blank (whether i used an conditional field fo my cards)?

So i have a card like this:

But it still show me the blank card.

How can I fix that ?
Thank you!

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This could happen after the card was generated but then you made a change that caused it to be considered empty (like adding conditionals). Anki doesn’t remove the card automatically in this case.
Use Tools > Empty cards to remove it.



What’s the advantage of making the user do this manually instead of automatically deleting a card if its FrontSide is empty and generating it again if there’s content on the FrontSide again?

You could unintentionally make a card empty by editing fields and templates. Removing the card automatically will leave you with no indication of what just happened (except maybe if Anki shows a pop-up or something). It will also result in loss of scheduling information.