Generate conditional cards after condition is met

Hey everyone,

I am sure there have been other people here with the same problem, but I haven’t been able to find the right solution or feed in the forum.

My problem concerns cards that are only generated if one field is filled, so a card is not created if the field is empty.
If I create a new card, Anki also auto-generates those conditional cards correctly.
However, if a new conditional type of card is created and the field the condition is based on is epmty, Anki doesn’t generate a card automatically after I add the information in the field or more precisely doesn’t show the card in the list (meaning that I click on “cards” for editing, etc. it shows the correct card or how it would look like for this word, but only there in the editing). I’ve included two screenshots for reference.

Is there any option to trigger Anki to re-check the conditional field and add those cards or does anyone else have a solution for my problem?

This is the code for the card:

front page

{{#1st character covered}}

{{1st character covered}}



{{/1st character covered}}

back page

{{Deck}} {{#Tags}} -- {{/Tags}}{{Tags}}



Traditional: {{Traditional}}


Classifier: {{Classifier}}



Thank you very much for your help in advance!

The check happens automatically every time you edit a card.

Thanks! However, like I explained above this doesn’t work for me. I can see the card when I go into the editing card types window, but it doesn’t show the card in the list and the card is also not in the deck while studying.

Tried sorting by the sort field?

As this intro video explains, newly-generated cards end up at the end.

Thanks a lot! Looking up the words actually helped me find the new cards.

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