\degree, upgreek, gensymb latex packages not working in anki study mode; only in preview


Certain latex commands work in the Anki editor, but they show an error when actually previewed. I have spent some time on downloading MikeTex and various packages etc., hoping it would work on anki but it didn’t work and I am hoping there is a straight-forward way to fix this.

also, if the problem is that I haven’t installed the required anki packages to use the commands, how come it renders perfectly in the editor but not in preview?

this is my anki card document preamble

It looks like you are using MathJax instead of LaTeX:

When using MathJax, your local installation of LaTeX doesn’t matter.


Tracked on Unify exposed MathJax add-ons · Issue #1773 · ankitects/anki · GitHub


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