Define intervals / scheduling for vocabulary training

Hi there, I am primarily learning vocabularies. The interval options provided don’t suit my needs (see screenshot).

Again <1min —> I didn’t know it so I want it to come up again soon?
Good <10min —> what does “good” mean? "I almost knew it?
Easy: 4 days. —> does easy mean “I got this!”

I want to repeat vocabularies that I don’t know max. 2x per day.
Everything that I don’t know should come up the next day. Everything that I do know should come up in 3 days, ideally expanding the interval when I realise that I always get the vocabulary right so far. Can Anki do that?

Would appreciate if you have set this up for yourself and how you went about it in terms of making the adjustments. Or links to any past posts I couldn’t find dealing with this issue

Thank you so much,

Screenshot 2022-09-29 at 19.41.57

I would recommend to read the relevant section in the manual on what these buttons mean in terms of how the card is handled:

There is also relevant content on YouTube, e.g.

With this knowledge you can tweak your settings on your own.