Decks larger than AnKing (3.2GB in small media files)

Hey all. I’m stress-testing ki today, and I’m looking for decks that are larger than AnKing v11. I guess I’m really only interested in ones that a fair number of people actually use. Of course it’s possible to make an arbitrarily large deck. Anyone happen to know what the largest deck is with a fairly large number of downloads?

AnKing is already large enough that I’ve got to shard the media directory across multiple commits to get around Github’s pack size limit for pushes, and I’m not even sure if clones will work, but we’ll see. They probably ought to be shallow clones, or perhaps it doesn’t matter if the media files don’t get messed with very often.

Update. Clones of the full 6.5GB repository (including .git) work without any shallow/partial trickery. Ha! Github is quite generous. Without the .git folder, the repository is roughly 500M larger than the downloaded .apkg file, so still under 4GB. This extra fat is due to an unholy number of chained symlinks used to avoid duplicating media, and because the markdown grammar is of course a bit more verbose than whatever format an .apkg file is. (Database dump? I forget.)

The AnKing deck’s git repo representation has roughly 68k files, about half of which are media. Without media files, this thing would be exceedingly manageable and clones and installs would be pretty damn fast. I may look into options for keeping media files out of the version history for large decks, but for now it’s fine. The clone is actually reasonably fast. Certainly not more than an order of magnitude longer than a download from Google drive.