Deck update notifications

I have 53 shared decks on Anki.

Anki gives a pop-up message when an addon gets updated. I suppose a similar thing could be implemented for decks. Give the user some sort of notice that there is a new version of the deck available.

Why am I suggesting this? Sometimes I will, a year or two later, update a much better version of a certain deck, but there is no way for users to know the new version is available, unless they were to visit the deck page, and that could take a very long time.


I would love this feature.

The true buzz would be a plataform with colaborative decks, as the anking team has developed

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While I’m a huge supporter of AnkiHub, just know that every person involved in the process would have to pay $5/month for it to work. Unfortunately, you’d lose most of your users in the transition. In a dream world where AnkiHub was fully integrated into Anki as a free option, we’d have the perfect solution. The Anking crew has invested way too much time and money into it for that to be even considered though. :cry:

Also, I don’t know what decks they are, but thanks for sharing so much of your work! :+1:

@andre_angelo @Cofee_tortuguita
Someone is doing a free alternative of AnkiHub:

It’s rough around the edges because it’s new, but there is potential.
Indeed, I might just edit the description of all my Anki decks, to encourage people to try this addon.

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Wow, that’s super nice! Thank you for sharing!

I created a little and simple webapp to inform my classmates when an update for my decks is available. I can include yours too if you’d like to. I’d be more than happy and it’d be done in a few minutes. It doesn’t require any addons.

The process is simple. The deck description contains HTML like this:

    <h2>Update check</h2>
    <h6>This might not work on other than desktop versions of Anki.</h6>
    <a href="">
        <img src="" alt="Update check failed, check your internet connection or try again later." />

Then, I have a webserver that responds to GET requests to It reads the deck ID and the current version and compares it against records in a MySQL database. In the database, I have all of my shared deck info – their ID, name and newest version.

If the version number in the database is the same as the one used in the request, the server responds with an image containing text “Your deck is up to date”. If the numbers differ, the server responds with an image containing text “Your deck is outdated, click this text to download an update.”

One of these “text images” is then displayed in the deck description and whenever a user opens one of these decks, they get an update check. If they click the image (see the <a> tag), they are taken to a webpage, where they just click a button and download the newest version of the deck as .apkg.

I have only one issue: Importing the updated deck won’t overwrite the deck description (meaning that the variable currentVersion in the <a> and <img> tag won’t update). As a result, the user needs to either edit the deck description manually or live with the fact, they’ll always see images of text saying, that their deck is outdated. Hopefully, the devs of Anki will fix this issue soon.