Deck Option: auto-suspend card after reaching certain repetition interval

Can I suggest a deck option to auto-suspend a card after reaching certain user-specified repetition interval (e.g. 2 years). In the deck options there would be a switch to turn this on/off and field to specify the interval.

How would it work? e.g.: you are good at some card and reach a situation where ‘hard’ is few months, ‘good’ is some-time over a year and ‘easy’ is over (e.g.) 2 years and you 'd choose easy the card would get reordered to that time in x-years (as usual) but it 'd also get suspended

I use anki to study vocabulary in foreign languages. I could make use of this option as I believe through regular conversation I recap my vocabulary (and if a word doesn’t come up in regular conversation for over 2 years I don’t need to know it) and it would only add unnecessary reviews in the future

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I made a similar suggestion recently (Card Retirement as Built-in Feature), so I agree with you.

I didn’t even think about tagging it, but i guess it could be really useful if you also suspend cards yourself, so they don’t get mixed. another option would be new, completely separate (from e.g. buried, suspended) group of cards called ‘retired’. i don’t think this is a bad idea actually …
what do you think?

EDIT: considering it’d be technically identical to suspended and since it’s questionable how many percent of users would actually use it, it would probably only cause confusion so suspending+tagging it as ‘retired’ as you suggested might be the best idea

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