DbError when I open Anki

Bildschirmfoto 2022-02-25 um 16.06.53
When I try to open Anki this message shows up (it’s in german and means something like “checking”, “verification” or “examination” ongoing.

Additionally the following error pops up:

Unfortunately I can’t close these messages and change anything. I deleted and re-installed Anki several times, I also tried it with different older Anki versions but nothing changed. I use a MacAir and I have the latest update macOS Monterey.

Thank you very much for any help:)

  1. Make sure you have a backup of your collection
  2. Ensure Anki is closed…
  3. Go in the Anki directory, then in your profile directory (same name as your profile).
  4. Rename collection.anki2 in collection.anki2.old and collection.media.db2 in collection.media.db2.old.
  5. Open Anki.
  6. Click on Tools > Check Database.
  7. Import your backup.
  8. Click on Tools > Check Database.
  9. If everything went fine, and you have asserted you have recovered all your collection, you can delete collection.anki2.old and collection.media.db2.old.

If any of these steps fail, please provide the reason why it failed, and the step number.


Thank you very much! It worked:)

I assume that in step 9 you meant that I have to delete collection.media.db2.old and forgot “old”?

Yes exactly I’ll edit it in case someone else tries this. Basically you kept these files just in case something went wrong, but they’re useless once you have re-created your database!