Dancing baloney - font colour


thanks for the dancing baloney addon. it’s nice to have a nice soothing background picture.
But sometimes I want to add a dark background or gif pic and as the fonts on the main window is black, it a little harder to see the fonts. Is there an addon that could just change the color of the font on the main window? or maybe changing of the font colours could be added in the update of the addon?.

p.s I don’t really fancy using night view, cause then when I study the decks, everything is black.

thanks this could be implemented.

I wanted to refer you to the author’s github, but you posted there already. In the meanwhile, the add-on supports setting a custom CSS - might be helpful to know.

thanks for the note.
how can i setup a custom css? I’m not familiar with coding. maybe that be my next self-learning to do list.

i open up configure page and see menubar txt color, I added some html color codes, but nothing changes.
Would appreciate any advices