Customizing note types problem


I’ve been experiencing a problem when customizing card templates.

  1. I’ve installed this add-on: 1087328706
    (for the sake of completeness: I use two add-ons, the second being 1463041493

  2. I’d used the windows program

    1. clicked Tools/Manage Note Types/
    2. selected KaTeX and Markdown Basic
    3. clicked Cards...
    4. in the dialog Card Types for KaTeX and Markdown Basic I’d changed Styling adding some more css
  3. It had worked some time (1 day?), in both windows and android. Those are the two versions I use and where I synchronize everything

  4. By uploading (I believe once it did happen in windows, once on android) I had become a message, that my decks are incompatible and have to be overwritten, which I confirmed

  5. Since then the changes haven’t been there anymore and the default template is back

  • I made this again and it happened again (as I said, once I got the incompatibility in windows, once on android)
  • I’ve made it again and this time I haven’t got an incompatibility message so far, my customizations have been nevertheless deleted, I believe like: WIN - changes made (OK), Android sync multiple times (OK), WIN sync - NOT OK.

Is there anything I’ve been doing wrong?


When you want to make unmergeable changes like modifying fields, you should:

  1. Sync all your devices.
  2. Make the changes on device A.
  3. Sync device A, choosing “Upload to Ankiweb”.
  4. Sync all other devices, choosing “Download from Ankiweb”.


But - is modifying a Styling an umergeable change? I’m not asked to merge after making such a change. Only in a day or so - very randomly and suddenly…

No, it’s not. Maybe an add-on is doing some stuff behind the scenes? Anki tries to warn you before you make unmergeable changes.

that’s my guess too - is there any good way to check this?
I’ve already been trying to check this: I’ve disabled the 1087328706 add-on after I posted the first message here add-on and been waiting whether it happens again or not.

If it was a once-off occurrence, it was probably caused by Full sync required without comprehensible reason

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OK, thanks.

I’m gonna keep the add-on turned-off for a few days anyway and then I’ll turn it on again to be 100% sure.