Custom deck for forgotten cards

Hi ! I really need some help with “Custom deck for forgotten card” settings. The deck I created is showing the cards I already reviewed just before creating the deck, ie a card I already reviewed today morning & hit good (set for 3 days from today) is being shown in it / when I create a deck set to past 5 days of forgotten cards, its showing me cards I reviewed yesterday & is set to review 3 days later.

( The main reason I created the custom deck is because I have med school exam coming up & a huge backlog of cards to finish. I decided to divide my anki reviews into two halfs. Finish the backlog by completing one subject (ie one subdeck) per day & simultaneosly create this forgotten card custom deck to revise all cards I hit “Again” on a daily basis. When the already reviewed cards come again in this forgotten cards deck, it defeats the whole purpose.)

Can someone please help me out from this, I tried to find answers online & change settings mutiple times but this is eating up all the time I should spend studying & am getting so anxious with all the backlog.

Thanks a lot for your time,
Really, really appreciate the help !

That custom-study option will show you all cards that you’ve graded “Again” within the past X days (Filtered Decks - Anki Manual). It sounds like that is not quite what you want, but I’m not understanding what you want instead.

  • If that deck is getting cards that you haven’t graded Again – can you post the Card Info for one of those cards, and the Options for your Custom/Filter deck so we can take a look?
  • If that deck is getting cards that you have graded Again, but not the “right” ones – can you explain what distinguishes the right ones from the wrong ones?