Ctrl + enter with the number pad doesn't work

The new 2.1.44 update doesn’t allow me to enter cards using ctrl + enter using the number pad. It kinda frustrates me because i’ve been using it for the past few months.
Does anyone know a quick fix? :slight_smile: thanks!


quick fix:
If the fields are selected
then the crtl + enter will create a line

if the fields are not selected
then the crtl + enter will create a new card


I feel your pain, my friend. I asked the same thing here.

@hengiesel could this be connected to the new editor code?

I cannot recreate this issue on macOS, but I can recreate it on Windows.

I did not touch the Add shortcut in the editor code. It is defined in AddCards.setupButtons as Ctrl+Return. According to the Qt Docs, Enter is the numpad enter/return key, whereas Return is the is the “normal” return key.

So it seems like this is the intended behavior atm. Maybe an update in Qt changed the behavior here? To fit it, we might have to assign two shortcuts here, Ctrl+Return and Ctrl+Enter.

Thanks for looking into it; I’ve confirmed that worked around the issue.

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