Create Deck with 3 Fields Italian - English - T/F Answer

I’m trying to create a deck of translated exam questions and with a T/F Answer as the third field

My import text looks like

  1. Question_ in_Italian | Question_in_English | T/F Answer
  2. Question_ in_Italian | Question_in_English | T/F Answer

I’m assuming since there are only two sides of a card that the T/F answer should be a note field, or a tag? When I import to create the cards, what do I set the third (answer) field to?


The answer depends on what your purpose is, which is not completely clear to me.
You have to ask yourself the following question: “what do I want to memorize?” Do you want to learn by heart the translation of the questions (if so, from which language to which language), do you want to learn the answer (if so, when given the question in which language?).
Then, simply apply the following rule:

  • A note has to contain all the information required for a single question in italian / question in english / answer input
  • Each field is one input element (typically, you could have three fields, one question in italian, one question in english, on answer
  • Each card is a single thing you want to memorize

If you want to memorize more than one thing from the same input, just create several card types from a single note type.

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Thanks for your reply!

Yes, the objective is two fold - (1) Learn how to read exam questions in Italian by comparing with the English translation. (2) Learn the answers to the exam questions as you study the Italian phrases.

So the Italian to English Card Front-Back is straightforward and is working when I import my text file. The import finds the 3 columns in my import file (third column is T/F Answer) and the third column can only be set to “Tags” in the import screen. I’m trying to understand how to display the value of the third column onto the Back side of the Card.

I am studying for my Italian drivers license, and the test is not offered in English in Italy, so I am learning Italian at the same time I am trying to understand the rules of driving! Lots of people I know here in Italy are struggling very hard to pass the test.

Thanks for your help!

It sounds like you want to add a new field to your note type and import the TF answer there.