Random field for answer side

Hey all,
So I was wondering. I have a target word in the language I’m learning in the front template.
In the back template I have the translation of said word but in multiple fields, in chinese, italian, french, etc.
Is it possible to have a script which shows me only one of these fields each time I see the note?
For example if I press spacebar from front to back it shows me the chinese translation, next time the italian one and so forth.

Try the closet addon

I believe you could use javascript to generate a random number and assign each field with a different number. You could use a variable to display the chosen field.

How would you know which of the languages is asked for?

I think one card should always have one clear answer. Otherwise, the memorization quality will suffer.

The front side always has the target language. The backside has multiple translations for that word in the languages I’m learning.
Front: Chinese
Back: Italian, French, Japanese
It’s a new thing I’m testing, being that I already speak three languages and wanted to test some association methods.

I personally agree with the fact that each single card should have ideally only one answer. First, because when studying different languages, ti works much better (at least in my experience) to study them separately. And second, because haviong different answers in a single card wouldn’t work well with the way Anki is designed: if you know answer A, B and C, but not D, would you click “Again” or “Good”?

Honestly, I’ve come to use translations only as a very last resort thing. I learn languages monolingually so this would only be a last option thing. I mainly use images for learning so this is just for having a quick reference for the word if I don’t want to look up the definition.

I personally think that learning languages together or apart doesn’t really matter. I do my daily reviews in these languages and I used to have a profile with all of them together, but as I kept adding more notes the profile became heavy and I decided to do different profiles for each.

I use Migaku Retirement to auto suspend notes, being that repeating a note many times has been proven to be ineffective and induces overlearning, thus making you not learn anything much in the end. Together with MorphMan I just learn sentences for 30-35 days and then they get auto suspended, constantly making me learn new things which are relevant for me.