Create an audio-only deck (almost all advances are automatic and then content is all on .mp3s; limited text)

I am sorry if this is redundant.
I want to study on walks. I was going to create a deck where i audio record the question and the answer, both sides have limited text. so I can walk and study/quiz myself without looking at phone too too much.
*cards advance automatically and have uniform repetition, so i don’t give feedback.
Once i select study on a deck on my iphone, it:

  • automatically plays the audio on the front
  • waits 6 seconds
  • after six seconds it advances to the back of the card
  • where the answer, too, plays automatically (it’s been recorded by me already.

Did your message get cut off?

You may be able to approximate what you want by using the ‘auto advance’ feature to automatically move between / rate cards.

Making a deck with questions and answers recorded as MP3s for your phone could help. Each card plays the question, waits 6 seconds, then plays the answer, all on its own. This way, you can study without staring at your phone too much. It’s a neat way to learn while on the move!

Can you please point me to the auto-advance?

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