Crear tarjetas en orden?

A la hora de crear las tarjetas hay alguna forma de que vayan en orden o no se puede? Cuando las voy creando por ejemplo la parte última del temario que he metido me aparecen las primeras.

Are you asking about how to make sure you’re introducing your New cards in order – like in the order they were created?

In your Deck Options, make sure you have these set –

  • New cards > Insertion order > “Sequential”
  • Display order > New card gather order > “Deck” or “Ascending position”
  • Display order > New card sort order > “Card type” or “Order gatherd”
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Muchas gracias por responder¡
Me sigue saliendo igual… :frowning:

  1. Were these already set this way, or did you change them to this?
  2. Is this the settings for the deck the cards are actually in? Or for the parent deck you click on to study? Make sure you check both, and any subdecks in between.
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If you are saying that new cards are appearing in the wrong order, you can look at them in the Browse screen. Check the Due column. New cards will appear in that order. You can use the reposition tool if they are in the wrong order, and “Tools>Check Database” in the main window to make sure future cards get the right number.

No lo encuentro, al menos la traducción en español no es igual, puede ilustrarme con imagenes? gracias

I think you’re responding to dae’s suggestion, so I’ll direct you to the things he mentioned.

First, you’re currently in “Notes” mode in this window – switch to “Cards” mode. Browsing - Anki Manual

Then look for the “Due” column (Browsing - Anki Manual) and sort by it. You’ll see cards that have a “New #” instead of a date – this is the order those will be introduced in. You can use Reposition (Browsing - Anki Manual) to move those cards to different numbers.

Then on the main decks page, you’re looking for “Check Database” in the Tools menu.

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