How to learn cards in the order i created them?

if this is not possible, then i would like to just view my cards in the order i created them in browse mode.

please help i have no idea what im doing with this app, thank you

You can do both of those things. Let’s start with the first, and let me know if you want to hear about the 2nd.

To have Anki introduce New cards in the order you created them, change these things in your Deck Options (Deck Options - Anki Manual). [If you have many nested subdecks you may need to check this in multiple places.]

  • Insertion order – Sequential
    • This won’t go back in time and put already created cards back in order, so if you had this set to Random before, that will take an extra thing to fix.
  • New card gather order – “Deck” or “Ascending”
  • New cards sort order – “Card type” or “Order gathered”
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thank you so much.

Ive already moved them around, is there a way to reorder cards?

Yes, to put them back in “order created” order in the New queue –

  • In the Browse window (Browsing - Anki Manual), get all of your new cards in view
    • If the whole deck is showing in your list, add is:new to the end of it
  • Find the “Created” column and sort by it
  • Select all > Reposition – Browsing - Anki Manual
    • The numbers only matter relative to each other, so as long as you aren’t trying to put this set of cards before/after/during another set of cards, It’s fine to start at 0 and step by 1.
    • Make sure “randomize” is unchecked
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