Cards appear in wrong order

Hi, cards I’m seeing for the first time appear in the wrong order.
I want my cards to be shown in chronological order I created them e.g. the first card I made should appear first, then the second one etc.
I even sorted the cards by the ‘created’ column, which didn’t help.
I don’t know if this information helps: I received this deck from a friend, marked all the cards, and then clicked ‘forget everything’.

Here are two screenshots. The fifth column represents the ‘created’ date. You’ll find the earliest created cards in the first screenshot, while the later ones are in the second screenshot.
I’ve noticed that the cards I’ve highlighted in yellow appear first when I’m learning Anki. It’s strange because they have smaller numbers compared to the cards I created earlier. Could this be the reason?

Another screenshot:
Would it help if I change the position order by clicking to ‘Change the position of existing cards’ (‘Position existierender Karten verändern’)
I’m afraid that this might impact other decks as well.


The numbers control the order cards appear in. If you’ve sorted by creation date and got the order you want, you can use the reposition tool to give the cards numbers that are in the same order.

Thanks for your help.

Regarding the reposition tool: Do the numbers I assign to the cards need to match those in other decks as well?

There are two options to click: one is ‘randomize order,’ and the other is ‘shift position of existing cards.’ Would you recommend clicking on ‘shift position of existing cards’ and entering ‘0’ for the start position and ‘1’ for the step?

“New”-queue numbers only matter relative to each other among cards that you want in a certain order. If you have other New cards that you are gathering at the same time, they might matter. Starting at 0 and stepping by 1 is fine – as long as that reflects where you want these cards relative to any other cards.

Don’t tick that – it’s the opposite of what you want.

That option is useful if you want to insert these cards in your “New”-queue before or between other cards. If this is all the New cards you care about, and you’re repositioning all of them, it doesn’t matter.

Other things to keep in mind –

  • After you Reposition (Browsing - Anki Manual) the cards, take a look at how it turned out. If it doesn’t match what you want – Edit > Undo will put them back.
  • Once you have these cards in order in the queue, make sure that’s how Anki is gathering them for study. Deck Options > New card gather order > “Deck” or “Ascending” (Deck Options - Anki Manual)

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