Could I know what bug abut this?


@dae Can you help me? My Anki has been showing this error message since last night when syncing on Windows 11. Based on this error message, it seems that the server is rejecting my sync. My account is

What version of Anki are you using?

Here’s an example of how to find the version info:

Also, are you able to translate the Chinese characters in the error message? That could help somebody here to diagnose the problem.

I’m in Version ⁨2.1.54 (b6a7760c)⁩. The Chinese error mean:

Unable to connect due to active rejection by the target computer

I realized that it seems that a large number of Chinese users are having the problems (since last night). But we are currently able to sync properly on cell phones, but just not on the computer side

Isn’t your government blocking a lot of traffic currently due to the political congress? That has caused problems for Chinese users before. If that’s the reason I think you can only wait and hope or use a VPN.


This should not be prohibited by the Chinese government, because the same account is syncing properly on my home computer (Version 2.1.49 (dc80804a)). This should be the behavior of the 2.1.54 client to forbid users to sync again after several failed syncs. Hope to fix @dae

10061 usually indicates network filtering, either by antivirus/vpn/proxy/firewall software, or something being done by your government/network provider. It’s not an error that AnkiWeb sends/causes.


I have solved this problem, I will note the causes of the problem and the solution to facilitate other users to solve this problem:

October 24 because of my vpn (proxy port is 1089, Path variable HTTPS_PROXY = out of order, so October 25 I reconfigured a new vpn, I did not realize that the default proxy port is 1080, so it led to this problem


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