Copy & paste the text formatting on MAC

Hello !

I have anki for mac
I would like to know if there is a way to copy and paste a text formatting. especially the color of the text
normally we can do that with “alt + cmd + c” to copy and alt + cmd + v" to paste on PAGE (the text editor on Mac), and this is apparently not possible with Anki.
I’ve seen other people able to do it on PC and this would be such a time gainer !!!
thanksssss and sorry if there are mistakes I am French :))))

A standard cmd+v will copy basic text formatting. If you don’t want formatting, holding down shift at the same time will avoid the formatting.

That does not work for me. The standard keyboard shortcut for Paste and Match Formatting is Shift+option+cmd+V (e.g. That also doesn’t work - I’ve tried every combination I can think of and nothing works. Really need this functionality.

Hi @scheva,

I mean copy and paste on Mac is different from Windows system, maybe you can try to learn more information from here:

This is a full guide about the copy/paste differences between Mac and Windows, and how to copy/paste with text and with format etc.

Wish this helps.