Copy-paste inline Mathjax expressions

I recently updated to ⁨23.10 on Mac. I used to have an old version (like 2.1.30), where there wasn’t any preview of the Mathjax expression on the edit page, but just the Mathjax code. Therefore, I didn’t have any problems with copy-pasting blocks containing such expressions to other cards.

But now, with the preview in the edit-page when copy-pasting for example
to another card I just get

Is there a way to solve this issue? Maybe a shortcut to disable this preview?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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This used to happen on 2.1.30 foe me as well. (this bug is still present in 23.10 for me).

You can work around this for now by either copying the equation source code, or by disabling the MathJax preview using the cog button.

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