Is it possible to persistently disable MathJax previews?

I use a lot of MathJax in my cards and have got very used to reading it directly. While the feature is probably very useful to many people, I find that the MathJax previews slow me down considerably (the preview at the cost of the extra click to edit is not worth it for me). I know that I can disable these previews via the cog drop-down in the editor, but this doesn’t seem to persist between editing sessions. Is it possible to disable this feature persistently?

As I mentioned in my post, this does not persist across sessions. If I close Anki and then re-open it again, the setting will go back to being enabled.

Seems to be a bug, the other options persist.

None of them persist for me.

They do here with the latest version.

How do I view my Anki version?

In the about screen. I can’t reproduce this either - if I change the setting and close+reopen the add cards window, the changed value persists.

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