Convert embeded image links to local image files?

I have just converted my cards to Anki from another service because this Anki has the ability to be used offline. I didn’t realize that when I was adding my images in, they were being added as embedded links, not as local image files, and will not load when offline. Is there a way to convert/download these images and replace the links in my notecards that works with version 2.1.60?

from which app? If it is from ankiapp or quizlet, you can use these add-ons below (maybe they can import images as well, unsure)

If you can access the media file from your previous app, and move to anki, see below

Media - Anki Manual
Anki stores the sounds and images used in your notes in a folder next to the collection. For more on the folder location, please see the file locations section. When you add media within Anki, either by using the paperclip icon in the editor or by pasting it into a field, Anki will copy it from its original location into the media folder. This makes it easy to back up your collection’s media or move it to another computer.

Also, relevant → Sound/image media files have gone missing! - Frequently Asked Questions

Hyperlinks? → Add Hyperlink - AnkiWeb

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There is also Localize Media - AnkiWeb

This is what I need, but it is incompatible with my version. I try to use it and it gets stuck in a loop and I have to force Anki to quit.

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I was using IDoRecall before, and when you export to CSV it gives hyperlinks to the images. Anki will display the images from the link HOWEVER it will not display the image if you don’t have an internet connection because the image itself is not stored locally in the app. I need something that will download all images and store them locally in the app.

I have updated the add-on to work with the latest Anki version.

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