Continuing on Mobile app

Is there a way to continue where I left off on a deck when I transition from my laptop to my phone?

Yes, synchronizing your laptop/phone with an AnkiWeb account. See more here:

You should set both Anki Desktop (the programme you run on your laptop computer) and the Anki app on your phone to synchronize automatically on open and close.

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The syncing worked all my decks are on my phone now. But once I start a deck on my computer it does not show where I left off on the app.

Thank you

Make sure you synchronize Anki Desktop on your computer once you leave it off and move to your phone. Then make sure to synchronize the Anki app on your phone before you continue reviewing. That way it should continue exactly where you left off on the laptop.

Also, you should remember to synchronize on the phone app before moving back to the computer program.

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