Connection timed out

Help! My anki on mac desktop has not been syncing since Tuesday. Error message: Connection timed out. Please try again. If you see frequent timeouts, please try a different network connection.

Error details: ⁨⁩

I have re installed anki to the newest version, logged out on all my devices, and attempted to sync on different networks. Syncing works fine on my phone and iPad but nothing is working on my desktop.

Please see Syncing failed: Connection timed out errors when syncing - Frequently Asked Questions

If your desktop is on the same network and only it is failing, that seems to imply some sort of filtering on that machine, such as a VPN, firewall, etc, or a problem with its wifi.

I allowed connections on the firewall. I dont use a VPN and the wifi is working for everything else. I already tried to fix things based on the forum but I have no idea what else to do. I am not tech savy at all, what else can I do or how do I contact someone directly, my mcat is in 2 weeks I need to review!!

If problems persist after updating to the latest Anki version, you could try increasing the timeout in the preferences to see if that helps. I also suggest you make sure a proxy is not configured in your system network preferences.

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