Confusing Cancel Flow

When editing a note on ios, there is a Cancel button

When tapping Cancel, it shows a modal

“Discard Changes”
“Cancel and lose any unsaved changes”
[Cancel] [OK]

It’s not immediately clear which button to press here.

If I want to cancel editing, then the [Cancel] button makes sense: it agrees with the original button, AND the dialog text. But in fact, Cancel on the dialog reverses the intention to cancel on the original button

Of course, I can puzzle out the real answer : Cancel doesn’t Cancel! But this is a mental burden on the user that’s unnecessary and can lead to mistakes and even data loss.

suggestion: replace [Cancel] with a new label: [Keep Editing].

lesser suggestion: replace [OK] with [Discard]

“Cancel” cancels the cancelling process. :slight_smile:

Your wording is clearer, and I’ll make a note to tweak this in the future.

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