Computer version doesn't show my decks that are working online or on my Android phone with same account

I use ANKI online and on my Android phone. I have 5 active decks.

I downloaded and installed ANKI 3.4.0. to have the possibility to use the computer version as it seemed more flexible.

After installing and logging in with the same details - no decks are visible on my computer. Sync can work between the online version and the Android phone - nothing can be displayed in the computer version.

What might I do wrongly? Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance for all the help.

I’m just a user.

the latest official version is Anki 2.1.35, see

maybe relevant: there’s another flash card software that has “anki” in its name, see


if you use the real Anki: Have you logged in from your desktop?


You helped me a lot. I had to install the right “ANKI”. Now ANKI 2.1.35 is installed and the icon is the same like on my phone.

The issue is the same: Can’t see my decks, even there is no option to “login” or sync.

Any recommendation :slight_smile: ?

does the official tutorial Syncing in Anki: Getting Started help?

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Many thanks - I didn’t find this video.

Now the issue is solved. Many thanks to you ijgnd.

Everything works perfectly - thanks a lot for the effective help.

Greetings from Italy,