Computer too old to download anki desktop, is there an old version of anki that will work?

I have a 2014 computer, that is too old to download the latest Mac update. As a result, I cannot download any of the recent versions of anki desktop. I tried using many of the past Anki versions, but all of them were too recent for my computer’s software version. Does anyone know a version that could support MacOS Sierra 10.12.6?

Upgrade from Mac to Linux :smiley:

You can install Linux and use the latest software with your old machine…

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I would have thought a 2014 computer could use versions later than Sierra? I have a 2013 MacBook Air that runs Big Sur just fine.

Anyway, for Sierra you’ll want to use 2.1.35-alternate


Thank you! Potentially dumb follow up question but for linux would following any one of these sets of instructions work? LINK

Thank you so much! I know it’s very strange. My computer prompts me to install the newly updated Sierra software and when I agree and it downloads to install. It then says it is not supported on this device. I have a 2014 air so it should work, but alas.

The only solution to use Anki in your Mac is really easy:

Please check the video to have a general idea. Then choose one Linux Distribution for you:

As a Beginner, I recommend

On Manjaro Linux you can always have the latest software and everything is free ! Anki will always work well on Linux. My PC is from 2009 the latest version of Anki works perfectly !

On the other hand, check this video to know about why Linux is better than Mac/Windows: