Anki Download Says Support for MacOS 11+, but application requires 12.0

When downloading the current latest version for Apple Silicon (23.12.1), the website says MacOS 11+ is supported. However, upon opening the application, it says MacOS 12.0.0+ is required.

Either the website should be updated to say MacOS 12+ required, or the version support for 23.12.1 should be backward compatible to MacOS 11.

I downloaded 23.10.1 and 23.10 from the alternate downloads site and it didn’t give the version error, but both versions wouldn’t open (The application quit unexpectedly).

I ended up downloading 2.1.66 and it worked.

I am running:
macOS version 11.5.1, Apple M1 Chip

All versions of Anki I downloaded were *-apple-qt6.

Thank you for the heads up; I have updated the website.

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