Comma breaks link in image field


Ever since I moved to version ⁨2.1.60 (76d88073)⁩, some pictures whose file name contain a comma won’t display on my computer, the broken link/attachment icon is shown instead (although the file is indeed in available in However, when reviewing the same notes on my iPhone and iPad, everything runs smoothly.

  • For instance, <img src="Friedrich%2C%20D%C3%A9fil%C3%A9%20gorge%20ravin.jpg"> doesn’t work. The original name is “Friedrich, Défilé gorge ravin.jpg”. Once the comma is removed, I can paste the image in my “illustration” field and it works.
  • To make things more complex, <img src="Ingres,%20Joan%20of%20Arc%20at%20the%20Coronation%20of%20King%20Charles%20VII_martyr%20personne%20capable%20sacrifice.jpg">, where the comma is left as is, doesn’t cause any issue. Original name : “Ingres, Joan of Arc at the Coronation of King Charles VII_martyr personne capable sacrifice.jpg”.

Any ideas what might be happening here? I’d be very grateful for your help!

This was fixed in 2.1.61.

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