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Coming back but I haven’t a clue

I’ve had Anki for some time and to be honest I really haven’t used it that much. A shame I know :frowning:

Anyway I’m trying to learn Irish and I’ve come across this YouTube site that uses space repetition in its teaching method. No written work, no grammar, just trying to get the listener to speak out.

I’ve discovered that there are certain words and phrases that I keep mixing up and I’d like to build up a deck of these phrases. Would a simple back and front card be sufficient for this task or should I be looking for something more complex?

There are, I know, ready made Anki templates are there any that would do what I’ve mentioned above. I should say that currently I haven’t excess to a PC, I’d be using an iPad and iPhone.

As always thanks for any suggestions you may have

I would start with a basic template (just front and back fields) and default deck options, I think that’s the best way of getting familiarity with how the program works.

After a few days, once you learn the basics, you’ll see for yourself if you need a more complex setting than that.