Cloze # not saving, glitching 1 number too high

Suddenly starting today Anki says there’s no clozetype for cards that don’t have it. For instance, a card with 3 clozes now displays Cloze 4 card type. When I try to change it back to Cloze 3 it says changes saved, but then doesn’t save them and continues to not display the card but instead display “No cloze 4 deletion”.

At first I just added another cloze but now it’s happening repeatedly to multiple cards. I followed all the steps under “when problems occur”. I haven’t downloaded anything new on my computer since a week ago when I added and started using image occlusion.

Does Tools > Empty cards fix the problem?


Thanks so much for the input. To clarify, this will only remove the extra cloze “empty card”, correct? So for my last example the other 3 will stay and it will go back to a cloze 3 type card? I backed everything up cause I’m paranoid I’ll lose a bunch of stuff.

I tried it, so far it seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks!

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Yes. Backing up your data is the right thing to do when experimenting with software :wink: