Cloze Deletion option has disappeared

In my Anki, the Cloze Deletion option has disappeared (the three dots […] no longer appear), I can no longer create cards of this type, since I used to create several.

When I click on Cloze Deletion, this message appears:

Now, the old cards configured with the Omission no longer appear and they look like this:

For Maximiano, administration is “a {{c1::dynamic}} process of making decisions about the {{c1::use of resources}}, to enable the {{c2::achievement of objectives}}.”

Do you know what I can do? Thankful in advance!"

Is it saying that you can only create cloze deletions with a cloze note type?
If you click “Cartões…”, maybe something is broken in the template, which makes it a basic note type instead of cloze.

Your note type is “Omissão de Palavras” with a capital P, but the error message uses “Omissão de palavras” with a small p. Are there perhaps two different note types here? Or just an inconsistency in spelling of the error message?

You need to use the “real” Cloze note type (which is “Omissão de [Pp]alavras” either with or without a capital P), or a note type cloned from it, for cloze functionality to work. The error message indicates that you are somehow using your own note type instead, which has a similar or identical name, but is not the real Cloze note type.

Yes, it says that I can only create a cloze note in a cloze note, but it is already in a cloze note (which in Portuguese is “omissão de palavras”. I will send another example below, I can’t understand what is wrong.

I guess it is just a different spelling because, see the image below, in “Tipos de Notas” it appears with a capital P but the error is with a small.

Guys, Thank you. I found the answer, I had to switch to English and find cloze in the notetype. Perhaps, it had two different “Omissão de palavras” but with the same name on it. When I switched languages, I found cloze in the notetype. Just adding here if anyone goes with the same problem.

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If Cloze wasn’t there in the note types until you added it with “Add Note Type”, you’ve just added a default Cloze note type with default templates.

Maybe this is relevant, and clozeness of the note type does not depend on whether there are cloze filters in it: Checks and Errors - Anki Manual

It could also be that the type “Omissão de palavras” is fine, but you haven’t switched types since before this happened, and somehow a Basic note type was actually active?

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