Cloze changing position on an Arabic text card

I’m puzzled by the cloze changing it’s position on this card. It moves from being the last word in a sentence to - incorrectly the first word in the front template, it then displays correctly in the back template. Below are the screenshots. Note: I’ve created hundreds of Arabic cards that work fine. I have no idea why this card is different? Any ideas?

Works for me:

Maybe you have some invisible control characters in your note? Open the HTML editor using Ctrl+Shift+X, copy its content, and paste it in this tool:

Do you have the issue with the latest version of Anki?

Update: Putting direction: rtl; in your template styling section should fix this.


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Thanks abdo
I’m using version 2.1.35
And have RTL set for the Arabic script.

Thanks for the good advise to look for hidden formatting.

I’ve looked for hidden formatting, but found nothing.
I’ve tried adding nonbreaking space in the formatting but that did not make any difference.
It’s also interesting that if I cloze different word in the sentence, the last word remains correctly in place.

Removing direction: rtl from my styling section made the cloze appears at the start of the sentence as in your case, so I suggested adding it if you don’t have it already.

I think that’s because the block [...] has different directionality (LTR, I think) from the Arabic text, and I suspect that you have LTR set instead of RTL somehow. Maybe something is overriding this value? Try !important direction: rtl; instead.


Thank you very much. It worked!!

As you suggested I added: direction: rtl;
to the styling section.