Cloze cards stays after adding to deck, so I have to delete the text manually before starting a new

When I make my cloze cards, they used to automatically clear from the view after being added to my deck, so I could directly start my new card.

Now the text stays after I press “add” (or use the mac shortcut) and automatically says “Duplicate”. Then I have to manually remove the text before starting my next card.

It happened after I changed the template for my cloze cards, but I only changed the background color and font, and nothing else.

I deleted the app and reinstalled, and I tried to reverse the changes I made and it still didn’t fix the issue.

How can I fix this problem?

It sounds like you’ve accidentally pressed the “Remember last input when adding” checkbox in the “Fields…” option… It should be OFF and I think it will solve your problem.



Yep thats exactly what had happened, thanks! :smiley:

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