Clicked Wrong Button While Studying

While studying, I clicked the wrong button, eg. “good” instead of “hard”. How can I fix that? In AnkiDroid, there is a “rewind” button to go back and re-answer the question, but in Anki Desktop I could not find it, and also no addon for that.

Unfortunately, this happens frequently, as I am using a laptop, and I have the “hanging thumb” problem. But what’s worse, the button “again” is far left and requires mouse movement, while the button at about the same position as “show answer” is “good”, which is not really that often the button I want to click. Of course, on a laptop, the keyboard shortcuts are also quite inconvenient to use, as opposed to a PC with a full-size keyboard.

I’m using 2.1.33, on Linux.

Use Ctrl+Z or Edit > Undo in the main menu

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Hi abdo, thank you very much for the quick answers!

If you need to redo more than one card, you could sccidentally go one more ‘redo’ which is not for the Review - and you would not know WHAT you cancelled.
So, dont use Ctrl+z, use 'edit->> so you can see what is beeing cancelled.