Clear all fields [support]

I created an addon to clear all fields in the Add dialog. Any feedback or questions are welcome here.

Hello. I have a feature request. Say I clear all fiends using the add-on. Then I change my mind. I would like to be able to use the undo shortcut (ctrl + z) to un-clear the fields. At the moment, this doesn’t work. Would this be possible, please?

Updated. Let me know if it wouldn’t work.

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Hello. Thanks for the reply and update. However, unfortunately, I am not able to use ctrl + z to undo. This is still true if I disable all other add-ons.

Two things. First, the shortkey can be configured in the options and is set to Ctrl+3 by default. Second, I tried to set it to Ctrl+Z, but that seems to conflict with Anki’s default bindings. Setting it to Ctrl+Shift+Z works just fine though.

Ah yes, sorry, I didn’t realise it was a configurable shortcut. That’s great, thank you :slight_smile: