Remapping 8bitdo zero2 controller to undo cards

I have been using an 8bitdo controller for the past month or so and it really makes anki more enjoyable compared to smashing keys all day. However, since I bought it I cannot find a way to may any of the keys on the controller to “Undo”. This action (cmd +z) cannot be mapped to my knowledge on karabiner elements thus I cannot change it on my controller. Is there some way I can change cmd+z (undo in review) on Anki desktop to lets say: left_command (a single button operation) that I can then use in karbiner elements?

This addon will allow you to change Anki’s shortcuts: Customize Keyboard Shortcuts - AnkiWeb

Well I tried that and now even the command z does not work anymore. Cannot undo any cards now?

Well, that’s odd. It’s a quite widely used addon and I figured it would be mostly bugfree.

  1. Do other shortcuts work?
  2. Can you undo after changing the shortcut to another (single) key? I’ve set it to “+” for a long time now and it works quite well.

Completely never saw this message or was notified about it… Still haven’t found a way to undo it!

Hi, I found a way to undo using Karabiner-Elements. In Karabiner-Elements go Complex Modifications and go to the website to get more functions. This post won’t let me link the website otherwise I would have. There I searched "command z’, and downloaded “MouseButton4 to Control + z (don’t forget to enable your mouse under devices”. Then in Karabiner-Elements go to Complex Modifications and enable the downloaded function. Then you can go back to simple modifications and set whichever key you want to “button4”. Hope this helps!

This is great! Just tried it and it worked! Thanks so much

I recently upgraded my MacBook and I seem not to be able to do it anymore (probably forget a single step!). I downloaded and installed mouse button4 → control z but when I hit it in the Anki app nothing happens. All other functions I set work. Any advice or am I missing something? Thanks