Remapping 8bitdo zero2 controller to undo cards

I have been using an 8bitdo controller for the past month or so and it really makes anki more enjoyable compared to smashing keys all day. However, since I bought it I cannot find a way to may any of the keys on the controller to “Undo”. This action (cmd +z) cannot be mapped to my knowledge on karabiner elements thus I cannot change it on my controller. Is there some way I can change cmd+z (undo in review) on Anki desktop to lets say: left_command (a single button operation) that I can then use in karbiner elements?

This addon will allow you to change Anki’s shortcuts: Customize Keyboard Shortcuts - AnkiWeb

Well I tried that and now even the command z does not work anymore. Cannot undo any cards now?

Well, that’s odd. It’s a quite widely used addon and I figured it would be mostly bugfree.

  1. Do other shortcuts work?
  2. Can you undo after changing the shortcut to another (single) key? I’ve set it to “+” for a long time now and it works quite well.

Completely never saw this message or was notified about it… Still haven’t found a way to undo it!