Choose specify Mathjax delimiter \( \) or $ $ or <anki-mathjax> </anki-mathjax>

Although Anki support \( \) as a mathjax delimiter it will automatically replace it by <anki-mathjax> </anki-mathjax> which is an issue if you want to copy paste from anki cards to other places such as blogs or stack forums. I’m not sure what is the advantage of handling mathjax with Anki “proprietary” html tags so an option to keep \( \) untouched in the html code would be great.

In addition support for $ $ (inline math) and $$ $$ (block math) would be great (it’s a popular delimiter in mathexchange for instance and would allow to rapidly copy pasting formulas from the source of a post)

<anki-mathjax> is required by the visual MathJax editor. If you disable it using the gear/cog, you can see the [ … ] symbols instead.

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Cool! That solve the issue of copying from Anki to other places while preserving mathJax.

Pasting code that uses $ $ to Anki would still require an extra search & replace action though.